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Image by Stuck in Customs
I think the (quite wonderful!) traditional readers to the blog page know that I delight in drawing. I’ve discovered that it has aided the photography relatively a bit, and in surprising strategies. It now feels less complicated to recognize lines, shapes, and unfavorable space in a several way. At some position, phrases break down when seeking to describe how an individual factor can bleed into a further. You’ll find it a whole lot like trying to describe a exclusive odor with phrases – is it even doable with out becoming poetically silly? I do not know!

I have my other drawings under the &quotDrawing&quot category on the blog ( ), in scenario you want to see much more. I do not imagine I am pretty superb nevertheless, and I still unearth these especially difficult to do. I am experimenting with a variety of styles and appears, hoping not to be frightened of unfamiliar genres. This is my initially &quotcartoony&quot appear… I tried out to blend a little something eastern and western… anyway, I’m blabbing too quite a bit.

Talking of blabbing, I have a highly looong analysis of Nik Software coming up tomorrow. It also will feature a bunch of mystery unpublished pictures, so you can get a bit of a peak &quotbehind the scenes&quot, so that type of factor could appeal to you even if you are not the sort that likes playing all-around with awesome photoshop filters.

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